We test and inspect all suspension components for wear including ball joints, shock absorbers, control arms, bushes and struts and repair or replace where necessary.

Suspension is a vital part of your vehicle it’s important that it’s checked regularly and any faults are repaired quickly.

Whether its uneven tyre wear, off-centre steering wheel, swaying or drifting when steering your vehicle, it may be that there is a problem with the steering and suspension system or driveline components. We have certified technicians who will perform a professional inspection and provide a complete analysis of the current condition of your vehicle and a repair cost estimate.

The most common symptoms of suspension faults

  • Steering Problems
  • Worn Tyres
  • Wheel Shimmy
  • Wheels Not Aligned
  • Brake pedal becomes “spongy”
  • Rear wheels lock and skid
  • Brake pedal is too hard
  • Car takes too long to stop
  • Steering wheel vibration
  • Brake warning light on the dashboard

Our mechanics are highly trained and have years of experience, they are able to repair a variety of faults that can occur with your suspension and if we are unable to provide a repair we can always offer replacement parts.