Whether you just need a simple clamp fixed on your muffler, or you need a catalytic converter replacement, Warners Bay Tyre & Mechanical is the place to bring your vehicle for your exhaust system needs!

We will inspect your vehicle’s exhaust system for leaks, damage and deterioration.  If needed, we can carry out replacement with quality mufflers and components.

How do exhaust systems work?

Vehicles create harmful gases during the combustion of fuel. The catalytic converter in the exhaust system turns these gases into mostly harmless ones that do much less damage to the environment which is one of the important reasons why your exhaust system needs to be working at peak performance.

The purpose of the exhaust/emission system is to deaden the sound made by the internal combustion engine, reduce the temperature of the exhaust, and control the emissions that come out of your vehicle. Some of the harmful gases that the exhaust system controls are:

  • Nitrogen Oxides
  • Carbon Dioxide
  • Sulfur Dioxide
  • Carbon Monoxide
  • Lead and Other Metals

Catalytic Converter – The catalytic converter reduces harmful emissions from engine exhaust. It uses a combination of heat and metals that act as catalysts. A catalyst is a metal (or chemical) that causes other chemicals to go through a reaction without being affected itself. The inside of the catalytic converter consists of metals like aluminum oxide, platinum palladium. These metals cause the carbon monoxide and hydrocarbons to react and produce water vapor and carbon dioxide which are much less harmful to the atmosphere.

Exhaust Manifold – The exhaust manifold conducts gases from the combustion chambers of the engine to the exhaust pipe. It is usually constructed of cast iron and smooth curves to improve the flow of exhaust.

Resonator – The muffler alone cannot always quiet all the engine noise. Many exhaust systems also include a resonator which is like a mini muffler. They are usually straight pipes filled with sound muffling materials. The resonator can be either before or after the muffler in the exhaust system.

Exhaust Pipe – Exhaust pipe connects all the other parts of the exhaust system.

Muffler – The muffler quietens the noise of the engine. There are two kinds of mufflers. One uses baffled chambers to reduce noise. The other type forces the exhaust straight through a perforated pipe that contains metal, fiberglass, or some other kinds of sound-absorbing material.

Exhaust Tail Pipe – The tail pipe comes out of the muffler, past the rear bumper of the vehicle, directing exhaust gases away from the vehicle. On many newer cars it also serves as a decorative function and is tipped in chrome.

Contact us for an accurate estimate, or make a booking for an inspection.  Our trained technicians can then assess your vehicle’s needs, answer any questions and review your options.