We offer a full electrical and electronic automotive service.
Our technicians are specialists in dealing with the high levels of sophisticated electrical and electronic components in today’s modern vehicles.

Ask us about:

Battery Servicing – The battery is the backbone of your vehicle’s electrical system.  It supplies power to the starter and ignition system. You should have your battery and its connections checked regularly. We can supply and fit new Century Yuasa batteries to all vehicles.

 Central Locking & Power Windows – If your door central locking systems fails or if your electric windows stop working, the cause is 95% an electrical issue.  We have all the right scanning equipment to point out the issue and this allows us to repair the problem quickly.

 Electronic Fuel Pumps – Located in the fuel tank, the fuel pump, which nowadays is usually electric, simply pumps fuel from your tank to your engine.  In most vehicles the fuel pump delivers a constant flow of fuel to the engine.  If the fuel pump is faulty the fuel flow becomes less constant, which will then make your vehicle under powered or even not start.  Our Mechanics can competently and efficiently diagnose problems with under powered and hard-to-start vehicles.